W-PSDS 2019 organised by LightKone researchers

The 5th Workshop on Planetary-Scale Distributed Systems (W-PSDS) took place on October 1st, 2019, in Lyon, France, and was sponsored by LightKone project. The organisers of this workshop, Bernardo Ferreira and João Leitão, from NOVA LINCS, are also researchers of LightKone project.

Peter Van Roy, our partner from UC Louvain, Carlos Baquero, our partner from INESC TEC, and Brad King, our partner from Scality, gave three different invited talks at the W-PSDS workshop, which was co-located with the SRDS 2019 conference. The keynote talks were about “Reflections on scalability and consistency” and “Efficient Synchronization of State-based CRDTs”, and “Do you really need a distributed system?”, respectively.